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Block Boyz Live Half Time Performance Saturday Nov 3rd @ St. Louis Trotters’ Season Opener!


Block Boyz Live Half Time Performance Saturday Nov 3rd @ St. Louis Trotters’ Season Opener!

That’s right this Saturday, St. Louis’ own Block Boyz, Blizz, Kco, and Butta will be performing live during Half time at  the St. Louis Trotters’ Season Opener! You know these guys represent the Lou and hold it up like kickstands, right? Well we guarantee they are coming out to keep the crowd hype and jumpin!  Come on out Saturday, Nov. 3rd,  7pm at Wohl Center 1515 N. KingsHighway, because these boyz will definitely be in the building!

“Dolla after Dolla, dolla, after dolla…”


The underground is okay, But St.Louis artists feel they have chances, But no chance at a shot to the top and a lot of rappers, singers , dancers etc., seem to just give up after awhile because of people selling them dreams.So many people come to St.Louis to make money not to make dreams come true,(NEVER GIVE UP!) is what i say,think outside the box and get out the city as much as possible rub elbows and build relationships stay humble keep your bridges to cross don’t burn any and you should see yourself coming out the LOU. BNBWORDS!! –squidoo

Come on out and support great St. Louis Basketball and great underground music!

Gifted Dance Crew of St. Louis, MO!

Gifted Dance Crew of St. Louis, MO

These guys will be performing during the pregames this Trotter’s Season and we are glad to have them. Frank The Kid and his crew really go hard on the floor!

Gifted Dance Crew rundown:

Gifted Dance Crew is a crew from Saint Louis, Mo. Made up of 8 Gifted Dancers. Taking the dance world on blast with styles of Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Tutting, Crumping, B Boy, Iso, Dub Step, and just about anything else. Started back in July of 2011 by TMA Dancer/Choreographer of the year Frank The Kid Stewart. G.D.C. is repsenting St. Louis in the Scream and Dance Contest. For more info or booking 636-497-0795,



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St. Louis Trotters AVI

They said St. Louis couldn’t have a professional basketball club and team owner Milan Pepper and GM/Coach Harold Webster is here to prove them wrong. It was early 2010 when MP and Harold met to formulate a plan on how to put a competitive team on the floor and deliver family entertainment and community outreach that the city could not only benefit from but willfully support.

St. Louis is a sports town, we all know this and whether it’s the Saint Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Blues, or the Rams the denizens bleed red and blue at the same time. Enter the St. Louis Trotters armed with the moniker, “Bringing the ‘Spirit’ of professional basketball back to St. Louis, MO” and a desire to show these teams in the IBA  (Independent Basketball Association) that they are ready to dominate the league.

Saturday November 3rd at 7:00pm and Sunday Nov 4th at 3:00pm marks the teams season opener. The first team up for destruction are the Battle Creek Knights out of Battle Creek Michigan. The Sunday match up is against the 2-time IBA League Champions, the Kankakee County Soldiers. Director of Team Operations, D. Smith says, “We have a lot of respect for all the teams that we will play in the IBA but we wanna run all these guys out of the city and do it in style!” Admission to all the Trotter’s home games are $5.00 for adults and children 12 and under enter free. This season’s home games will be played in the Richard B. Loynd Gymnasium of the Mathews Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club on N. Kingshighway and will hosted by DJ’s with other surprises for the attendees.

The St. Louis Trotters are definitely here to stay and ask for your support! You can like the team on Facebook at and follow on Twitter Stay tuned for an exciting season and community events in the spring and summer!

-Via D. Smith

Your St. Louis Trotters are “Taking it to the street!”

We are getting close to our season opener and it’s time we take it to the streets! Flyers and posters are being printed as we speak! You may see these at your local grocery store, mom and pop corner store, or public bulletin board. We are trying to get this message out of how St. Louis, MO now has a IBA Professional Basketball team ready to bring a unique basketball experience back home! More details on the events of the Season Opener to follow but until them spread the word; “The St. Louis Trotters are bringing the “Spirit” of Professional Basketball back to St. Louis, Missouri!” Come join us Nov. 3rd @ 7pm and Nov. 4th @ 3pm at the Richard B. Loynd Gymnasium at Mathews Dickey Boys’ and Girls Club located at 4525 N. Kingshighway St. Louis, MO 63115 General Admission $5.00 Adults 12 and Under Free! Come watch us run ’em out of the city!

St. Louis Trotters AVI

St. Louis Trotters AVIThe St. Louis Trotters have launched a new website to keep fans informed of the latest – greatest with the team! you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever. The Season Opener is fast approaching so be sure to have all your friends and family “Like” us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter @stlouistrotters. Join us via Social Media and make sure you come on out as we run these teams out of the city!!! Come Watch Us Run ‘Em!