Be sure to catch the Trotters in action this Spring against the most competitive basketball players in the country!

Admission: Adults $5.00, young adults $3.00, and children under age 12 are free with an adult.

2017 Schedule

October 14St Louis vs Hoopville
Mathews-Dickey B&G Club6:00 pmSaturday
October 21St Louis vs Kentucky Road7:00 pmSaturday
October 28St Louis vs Kentucky
Mathews-Dickey B&G Club7:30 pmSaturday
November 4St Louis vs Hoopville Road5:00 pmSaturday
November 11St Louis vs Milwaukee Mathews-Dickey B&G Club6:00 pmSaturday
December 2St Louis vs Minnesota Mathews-Dickey B&G Club6:00 pmThursday
December 9
Kenosha vs NPBAMathews-Dickey B&G Club4:00 pmThursday
December 9
Trotters vs NPBAMathews-Dickey B&G Club6:00 pmThursday
December 10
Losers vs LosersMathews-Dickey B&G Club1:00 pmFriday
December 10
Winners vs WinnersMathews-Dickey B&G Club3:00 pmFriday

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