From the Desk of GM/Head Coach Harold Webster

The St. Louis Trotters have been around since the early 70’s.

We started out at St. Stevens Lutheran Church as part of a Boy Scout team troop #14. From there we moved west to play at the then Yalem Community Center which is now the West End Center playing in basketball leagues. It is at West End Center where all basketball players from both sides of the river came to play. If you were a ball player back in the day you wanted to play at West End. The Trotters had the first AAU team in the inner city, so all players in the city would come and tryout for the team. The Trotters has had a lot of players come thought its system from Shawn Bush, Randy Reed, Anthony Bonner, Shawn Tunstall,  David Thurkil, Dink jones, Rob Wallace, Shotgun Campbell, Ramon Trice, Ken Kaid just to name a few from the past with 2 of those players going on to play in the NBA! The Trotters are one of the oldest teams still going now, the Scorpions being the other from back in the day. That is just a brief history of the St. Louis Trotters team. Currently, we are proud to announce the St. Louis Trotters are a fully sanctioned team in the IBA (Independent Basketball Association).  In moving our team to the next level it gives our guys a chance to fulfill their dreams of playing on the professional level so that in itself is rewarding for me and the guys!