First IBA-PBL Owner’s Meeting: Chicago

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IBA-PBL Owners Meeting

CHICAGO – Feb. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/

The Independent Basketball Association (IBA) and the Premier Basketball League (PBL) held their first official owner’s meeting in Chicago this past Saturday under the new league’s official name, the IBA-PBL. The first IBA-PBL owner’s meeting took place at Gibson’s on Rush to celebrate the successful venture of uniting the two leagues, as well as discuss future IBA-PBL endeavors, solidifying the IBA-PBL’s position as one of the largest professional leagues in minor league basketball. “This is the start of a league with solid franchises and a front office staff with experience and knowledge on basketball operations,” stated Tom McGinn. The two leagues united for the 2013 season, in an effort to bring strength, unity and more competitive talent to minor league basketball as well as fiscal constraints that are necessary in these economic times. The successful merger has already attracted notable players and coaching talents alike, including former NBA player, Cliff Levingston, who accepted the position as head coach for the Rochester Razorsharks this year. “I’m proud to have gotten the opportunity to host this meeting in Chicago, and look forward to working with all the returning and new owners during this season, as well as seasons to come,” says Dr. Sev Hrywnak, Chairman of the board for the IBA-PBL. More than fifty five people attended the meeting– league office reps, representatives of each team and sponsors, as well. The excitement for the start of the first IBA-PBL season was palpable, as owners and team representatives discussed their rigorous schedules and toughest competitors. “We are confident that the combined league will be even stronger and inspire more competitive talent to join and build careers, which will also make for more exciting games to watch,” says Barry Bradford, Co-CEO of the IBA-PBL. Many of the IBA-PBL games will be broadcast live locally, and the new Soul of the South Network will feature a “Game of the Week” nationally. The new league promises to make major, lasting changes to the minor league basketball world. “We are the future of how basketball operations should be run,” said Dominic Turcotte, VP of Marketing. Look for fresh talent and heated competition as the IBA-PBL season tips off in March.

The IBA-PBL is a community-owned and regionally-based professional basketball league desiring to use sports to impact and transform communities. The main goal of the IBA-PBL is to empower youth through positive contact and messages while providing both players and staff a platform to build careers in professional sports.

For more information on the combine or for any inquiries please contact Barry Bradford, Co-CEO of the IBA-PBL at
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