Trotters Unveil self funded “Safe Passage” Program and Award First Recipient!


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While listening to Stevie Wonder’s Ms. and Mr. Little Ones, Trotters’ Director, DeWarren Smith’s eyes began to tear.

“The thought that this world has become a terrible place to live in for our children just hit me too hard – I felt very uneasy.”

A one time church bus driver, he thought back to the days of picking up young children and bringing them to his parents store front church. “I still keep in touch with one of the children and she has grown into a wondeful young lady, pledged Zeta and is graduating this month from college.” What his mind began to settle on is the belief that troubled children need to get away from their current circumstance and have a place to go, better yet a place that they choose to go, that will enrich them to be better people or the person they could become. So, it was with this thought in mind that ‘Safe Passage’ was conceived.

It’s first receipient is a high schooler that attends Northwest Academy of Law in the 27th ward of St. Louis. The program involves transportation and access to resources to enable the young man to attend of all things, a safe place to play basketball. “We chose this student after a trip to the Northwest with a team partner and an officer. After sitting down with the student for almost a half hour an impression formed. Reaching the youth and impacting their lives would be one of the pillars of our approach to the St. Louis Community. Team owner Milan Pepper echoed the same sentiment when discussing the new program. “The time is now and the way to change our community is through the St. Louis Trotters. We are willing to work with any organization to help the youth and guide them in the right direction,” says Mr. Pepper.

While the program is in it’s infancy the Trotters will award the prize and their support to the young man and hope that they will be able to identify others in need. If you would like more information on the St. Louis Trotters Safe Passage program please email Info@stlouistrotters.com or leave a voicemail @ 314.669.6756 and the will return your call!  – Nicky Blair

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