The St. Louis Trotters Bring Pro Basketball to Oakville Senior High


The Trotters Are on the Move!

In an effort to bring it’s brand of professional basketball to all of St. Louis MO, the Trotters decide to run in South County on a 3-Game Swing! The Trotters will play at Oakville HS 05-18,24 and June 1st! According to a Trotters spokesperson the basketball franchise wants to expose the entire St. Louis region to the growing IBA-PBL League. “We have chance to bring a professional basketball experience to all of St. Louis and we are going to take advantage of every opportunity. We are bringing Professional Basketball back to St. Louis, and we are taking the entire city and county with us,” says coach Marlon Pepper.

This Saturday during half time the Trotters will feature St. Louis Underground Music Festival’s Darris Robins and a Jr. League pregame by area teams.

Oakville High School 5557 Millburn Rd. Oakville, MO 63129


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