As a new semi-professional team in the St. Louis area we are seeking support from various organizations, companies, civic organizations, local businesses as well as colleges and universities. In order to enhance community support we will incur various expenditure, from facility cost, practice and team uniforms, athletic training, additional basketballs, communication and advertising initiatives, as well as travel expenses and other organizational expenses.Financial strength is imperative in order to achieve program success and help make the St. Louis Trotters, a leading team in the IBA. The steps we are taking to build and enhance our program are as follows:

  • Recruiting, hiring and paying experienced coaches. Coaches will be responsible for executing the team vision and mission. All coaches should be a visionary for team and players.
  • Sending the team and needed employees to tournaments, clinics, team camps for competitive tournament experience and more skill development year round.
  • Coordinating and implementing community service programs and initiatives.
  • Organizing and coordinating year round league playing opportunities.
  • Facilitate advanced training opportunities for players.
  • Provide a safe and enhanced training facility for all practices, games, tournaments and events.

These steps are important to help build a successful and sustainable program for the St. Louis Trotters. Any monetary donation towards these expenses would be appreciated, however small the amount. It will go a long way in forwarding our mission and goals. In return for your generosity, the name of your company will appear in all Trotter’s advertising efforts such as: posters, banners, advertisements, brochures, the team website as well as broadcasts and displayed at all Trotter’s basketball games and events.

The St. Louis Trotters are asking for your help in building a successful program in St. Louis. Please consider donating to the Trotter’s.  All donations (only checks and money orders) can be sent to

If you would like additional information about donation initiatives or have questions please contact. All requests are confidential to the Owner of the Trotters.

Contact us to schedule a presentation at: