National Day of Service with Simone Bernsteins’ Volunteen Nation!



The B Ball for All event was a huge success. We have been familiar with Simone’s work for sometime. Before she was considred Forbes 30 under 30, in Huffpost, or Glamour Magazine she was organizing and planning activities to get youth involved. When we learned she was doing a basketball clinic we literally jumped at the chance. The time we spent with the children was very inspirational and enforces the sentiment that you really get by giving.



Join The Team To Stop Violence in Our Schools


The Saint Louis Trotters are looking for willing organizations to help us team up against school violence!

Our schools house the most precious treasures within our community — our children. It wasn’t so long ago when we all agreed that the children were our future. Well it is now 2013 and our children are exposed to violence at an overwhelming rate.

Our organization has decided to pledge our resources, our time, talent, and treasure to combating violence in our schools whether it is bullying or other forms of violence we will use our unique position in the city of St. Louis to help provide an outlet for youth to channel their energies, offer guidance, and educate young adults.

If you are interested in joining the team please contact us:

St. Louis Trotters Professional Basketball Club

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