Trotters Stumble Against the Reigning Champs and Falter on the Road

[UPDATE] St. Louis Trotters Are Now 2-1  2-2

[St. Louis, MO March 22nd 2013] The air was filled with electricity as the St. Louis Trotters were looking to go 3-0 but they would have their worked cut out for them against the Kankakee County Soldiers. Ryan Edwards of the Soldiers, the leagues current scoring champ, was virtually unstoppable Friday night. Maintaining his dominance was #34 Marlowe Currie for the Trotters, sinking baskets long range and battling in the paint. Looking for answers the coaches for the Trotters were unable to find any. The Soldier’s offensive went pretty unchecked by the defense and allowed for very high percentage shots for the Soldiers. Off the bench the Trotters were able to find a few sparks.


Seeing action for the first time St. Louis Trotters, #7 Justin Taylor showed flashes of brillance leading at the point. The inability to feed  #33 Rodney Bonds, down low made for a very long night and forced the Trotters shooters, Jackson, Stovall, and Davis to take long range baskets. One of the games spectators was enthralled with the athleticism both teams exhibited. It was clear to see that this matchup is surely a precursor of the finals!



The St. Louis Trotters are back at it again tonight in Holland Michigan when reached for comment team Owner, and guard Milan Pepper stated, “This team is unshaken by last nights loss and there won’t be any loss that will shake us, we are on a mission to bring an industry to St. Louis MO and we all woke up this morning ready to take ‘Trotters City’ to Michigan!”


The Trotters are scheduled for 4 road games before they return home to face Springfield Xpress on 4/19. Until then be sure to stay tuned in for more St. Louis Trotters news! [UPDATE] Trotters drop it’s first road game as they lose to the Holland Dream 135-130. The Trotter’s head back to Kenosha Wisconsin hoping to go 3-2 and improve their record.

-Nicky Blair

St. Louis Trotters Sports Reporter

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