The Saint Louis Trotters Visit The Freedom School in University City

Basketball + Community Outreach=St. Louis Trotters

The times are few where you have a chance to feel a sense of validation from all the hard work, hours of training and practice and then you get a call. The Saint Louis Trotters received a request from Carlos and Ash Campbell, coaches of the 3rd and 4th grade basketball team and spoke to the young ballers Tuesday about the importance of fitness, hard work, education and dedication to be successful-not only in basketball but in life. St. Louis Trotters’ Milan Pepper, Kendall “Kasper” Boyd-Hill, Curtis Morgan, and Nicolas “Nico” Reed worked out with the team showing them the fundamentals that every basketball player must master to be successful. The four veteran athletes are used to coaching children, “Sports offer kids a healthy outlet to release energy and provides discipline, and leadership skills. I can tell that these children are in good hands and the the Freedom School is a great place to learn and grow,” says  Milan Pepper, owner and Guard for the St. Louis Trotters. Before the night came to a close a scrimmage broke out between the Freedom School players and our St. Louis Trotters. If I am not mistaken the final score was Freedom School 16, Trotters 2. Can you say BLOW OUT?  But anyway we are all winners!

We are very thankful to Coaches Carlos and Ash Campbell, the parents, and faculty of The Freedom School for inviting us out! The Freedom School has great facilities and an important mission.  :


The Freedom School provides a safe,  nurturing, learning community where children of different beliefs, races,  ethnicities, and economic circumstances are reconciled to God and to one another  by experiencing forgiveness by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

They are equipped  by our knowledgeable and caring staff, using a research-based curriculum, to  reach their unique potential as restored image-bearers and servant-leaders of  God who steward his creation and proclaim his kingdom of righteousness through  practical deeds of justice and mercy to those in their school, local community  and around the world.

Our Vision and Mission are  derived from our Core Values, which we call all Board members, faculty, staff,  parents, and students to embrace.

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