Your St. Louis Trotters are “Taking it to the street!”

We are getting close to our season opener and it’s time we take it to the streets! Flyers and posters are being printed as we speak! You may see these at your local grocery store, mom and pop corner store, or public bulletin board. We are trying to get this message out of how St. Louis, MO now has a IBA Professional Basketball team ready to bring a unique basketball experience back home! More details on the events of the Season Opener to follow but until them spread the word; “The St. Louis Trotters are bringing the “Spirit” of Professional Basketball back to St. Louis, Missouri!” Come join us Nov. 3rd @ 7pm and Nov. 4th @ 3pm at the Richard B. Loynd Gymnasium at Mathews Dickey Boys’ and Girls Club located at 4525 N. Kingshighway St. Louis, MO 63115 General Admission $5.00 Adults 12 and Under Free! Come watch us run ’em out of the city!

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