The St.Louis Trotters had three players that was selected to the 2014 IBA all-star team. Players Nicholas Reed, Jabril Bailey, and Milan Pepper from the trotters joined the other all-stars to make up an exciting roster. The game was played before the championship game during playoffs weekend June the 8th. “It was an honor for myself, Nicholas and Jabril to participate in that game.” The three Trotters was part of the South team with players from the Kankakee Soldiers and Markham City Racers. They played against the North team that consist of players from the Racine Storm, Windy City Blazers and Grand Rapids Fusion. ” The game was fun and exciting” said Milan Pepper. The guys was out there trash talking, laughing and just having fun in front of the fans. The South team beat the North Team 109 to 106.